Friday, August 26, 2011

Change of plans

Well, due to an unwelcome storm (see that're not welcome in PA), the spongebob cake has been canceled because they are unable to have the party due to upcoming rain. Hopefully I can make it again some other time.

Tonight, we're doing a simple pizza or something quick because I'll be grocery shopping and running errands for a sick hubby so we'll just relax I'm sure. Maybe I could take a picture of the pizza and say I made it instead of Jigsy's?!?

By the way, the final vote for Spongebob cakes was 2 votes for Spongebob on the hamburger, 4 votes for the layers of Spongebob and no votes for the Spongebob with ocean theme. However, due to the fact that this was for my niece...her parents have the final vote and they went with the Spongebob on the hamburger so that's what I'll eventually make. Spongebob on Krabby Patty wins! Thanks for voting.

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