Thursday, August 25, 2011

We're Italian tonight!

Well, I am proud to say that tonight, my husband made his first lasagna for dinner and is was FABULOUS! I did give a recipe and helped by chopping veggies to make it more veggie-filled but he really did everything else and we really enjoyed it. Doesn't it look good?

I had to work late tonight to present a HUGE presentation to our director at school and I think he'll pass our idea, but it also meant that I couldn't focus on dinner because I had to work late. Maybe I'll work late more often...give him some practice in the kitchen......What do you think? Maybe I should label all ingredients and get a fire extinguisher first. We just went out to eat last night for my birthday and apparently he has proved once again that we can't go out to eat without cuts, slices, splinters or some form of blood coming from his fingers. Seriously...that's the third time in a row that he's cut himself on a knife, the table or had to have minor medical support just to get through dinner.

Oh well...great dinner honey....wanna do it again tomorrow night?

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