Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dinner and Fondant

Well, last night's dinner was a hit. Ryan looked at the taco meat and deemed it "beef" even though he knew it was ground turkey. He said he likes it when I magically turn turkey into beef-reminds him of "better times" when he could eat beef without thinking of the health tragedies he was doing to his body. Well, that's the guy I married and am still in love with! I guess that part of him will never change.

Anyway, here's a picture of our dinner.....doesn't it look yummy? Virtually fat free tortillas with taco meat, CSA peppers and tomatoes, low fat sour cream (I hate the fat free stuff) and some reduced fat cheddar cheese. There's also corn from the CSA as well...very yummy dinner if I can say so myself. We also got ingredients for me to try my hand at fondant, but I haven't tried making it yet...that's for tonight probably or tomorrow morning. We'll see. I'll take lots of pics of my first attempt to see if the second time around is better. I'll let you know.... Don't forget to look at the Spongebob cake pictures and pick your favorite in the poll!

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