Sunday, October 9, 2011

Exciting News

Hi all,
Wow, it's been an exciting week or so and definitely awhile since I've been on here. First of all, I appreciate all the support that you all give me!

Ready for my big news? Ya sure?

I'm officially a part of a "small, home" business fair at my church. The preschool is having a fundraiser that has small home business like Creative Memories, 31 Purses etc. We will each have a table to display and sell our products and take orders. What am I selling, you may ask? LOTS of things....crafts like baby blocks that can be personalized, no sew blankets, and of course baking for the upcoming holidays. I'll have treats to sell and cupcakes for kids to decorate as well. It's definitely exciting since I'm hoping to get some orders for the holidays and to make some extra money for us since I'm working part-time right now.

If anyone would like to order anything, let me know! I'm always taking orders for any baked goods, crafts for gifts or whatever....I deal with the creativity while you take the credit for it! I'm so excited for this opportunity at the business fair and hope to be able to come home with LOTS of orders!

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  1. I forgot to mention that if you place an order any time next week (October 17-21), you will receive the business fair specials- $2 off of your total order (may be more based on how much you order). Sounds like a great deal to me!