Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Latest and Greatest coming from my kitchen

The past few weeks have been pretty busy in terms of my baking "career"...I've been working on my skills and have done quite a few things that I've been pretty proud of. I'm always on the look out for more orders and there always seems to be one coming in so keep a look out for my next upcoming projects!

A cake I made in my first week of my second cake class. I love the flowers!        

Closer view of the flowers on the cake.
Cocoa covered chocolate and peanut butter truffles I made for our church's valentines dinner.

Chocolate Ganache covered chocolate and peanut butter truffles- sounds decadent right? These were for the valentines dinner as well at our church.

Chocolate heart cakes with a white whipped buttercream frosting, a red border and rose on top- also a part of our church's valentines dinner.

White heart cakes with a white whipped buttercream frosting, a white border and a red rose. These were the other type of cake offered at our church's valentines dinner.

Chocolate and white cupcakes with homemade  red roses on top- an alternate to the heart cakes at our church's valentines dinner.
A simple, but unique chocolate cake with buttercream icing that I made for my father-in-law's birthday...of course I included my sister in law's fiance's birthday as well. This was our "Valentines Day" celebration...spending it with our loved ones!
Valentines cupcakes made for a friend's daughter's valentines party at her school. The top is a marshmallow, cut into a small heart, decorated in icing and then dipped in sugar. Nothin' like a sugar rush right?

More of the Valentines cupcakes. I loved making the cute little heart outlines on the marshmallows on top. The pink icing on the cupcakes is dipped into sprinkles for a smooth finish and of course a festive touch!

Pretty Valentines Day Display

I love decorating cupcakes for special occasions and showing them off is even more fun- but the true enjoyment comes from eating them and seeing people's faces when they take their first bite!
Simple swirled cupcakes I made for our church's Wednesday Night Dinner last week. They always get such enjoyment from my cupcake and cake creations so I make sure to do it pretty much every week in exchange for dinner that I don't have to make!
My most recent cake based on a video game. My husband helped with some of the design features since he knows the video game more than I do!
The side of the video game cake.

Happy 9th Birthday Daniel! I know his dad was pretty excited for the cake and I was proud of my skills that I used, despite that fact that I haven't learned how to do half of these cake skills yet. I am always learning though!

I'm definitely looking forward to the next upcoming cake orders and hope to gain in my skills every day! I hope you enjoy these pictures of my creations and would love your feedback!

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