Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring, where are you? I'll take anything!

With the temperatures rising drastically then dropping to cooler weather, I'm definitely looking forward to when the temperatures stay more consistent and it's starting to show in my cooking!

Like tonight for example....normally I don't want to cook on the weekends, but since it was semi-nice outside with a little breeze, I thought it might be the perfect time to get the grill out. Of course, that means the hubby gets to cook on that then! With hubby taking over the main course of steak, it was up to me for the side dishes. Potato salad reminds me of summer so much, so I thought maybe making a quick potato salad was in order. A quick search on pinterest brought back only a few results and I didn't have many of the ingredients on hand to make what I did find. Of course they weren't very healthy as potato salad is a comfort food- not a health food necessarily. I knew the basics of what went into a potato salad so I decided to try my hand and what took place in about 15 minutes of prep and cooking turned into an outstanding, yummy and soo flavorful side dish. It could have almost been the main dish if the steak hadn't already taken that place! It's definitely a keeper and the hubby made my day when he said that he loved it despite not really liking potato salad normally! 
Try it and let me know what you think!

Healthy Potato Salad

4 red skinned potatos, mine were small/medium and just enough for 2 people- cut into small bite sized chunks
1 cup water....or so, I just put some in to help steam the potatoes.
1 cup plain organic yogurt (I buy Stonyfield plain)
1-2 tsp grainy mustard
2-3 tsp grapeseed oil (you can use vegetable oil as well or even just water as it's mainly for thinning it out)
Paula Deen's Steak Seasoning- it comes in a grinder type thing
1 tsp sea salt

In medium bowl, place potatoes cut into bite sized pieces and water then put saran wrap over top pulled tight and microwave for 10 minutes. I had to do 11 because the 0 and 5 buttons on our microwave don't work :-) Once done, make sure to take off saran wrap and check potatoes with a fork for tenderness. Ours were a little too tender and broke apart easily but maybe 1 minute less would change that.

While potatoes are in microwave, combine rest of ingredients aside from the sea salt. I used a whisk to combine them all together and streamed in the grapeseed oil while whisking to get it all combined well. Add seasoning as you like. When potatoes are done in microwave, drain and add dressing and gently stir. Check seasoning and see how much sea salt you want to add. I just added a pinch since I don't really like salt but the hubby does.

I let it cool for a few minutes before we ate so it was warm and not boiling hot, but I'm sure it would be good cold like normal potato salad too. I put it with steak that was seasoned with the same steak seasoning and some salt before grilling and a simple and local mixed greens salad with some shredded cheese and local was all soo yummy! Check out the pictures!

Of course you have to have dessert and I made some gluten free chocolate chip cookies earlier today from my brother-in-law's church fundraiser so maybe a few of them will make their way into my tummy by the end of the night....until then maybe it's time for some exercise. Heading out to the local trail sounds like a great idea right now!

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