Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Cake Completed!

I've finally done it! I've completed my first cake order and if I can toot my own horn, I think it looks pretty amazing! We'll see what Scott thinks of it tomorrow at his wife's surprise birthday party! Here's an idea of what he'll be seeing!

Getting ready to decorate....

A tree, ready for the cake

Ryan's is on the left and mine is on the right....obviously I haven't learned how to use fondant or make people yet. Maybe he will be my teacher!

Yes, this is a tree in a mug!

The cake layers- white with white frosting, ready for its crumb coat.

Cake with crumb coat

Final product

The side of the final cake.

The final product...again.

The sign to signify where all of the canoe tipping adventures happened to the birthday girl

Final product- Karen is in the water after her canoe tipped over and everything spilled out. This was for a surprise birthday party!

I hope you enjoyed my first adventure in cake decorating! I'll be starting my next class soon so look for my pictures from that soon!

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