Friday, April 19, 2013

Free Stuff!!! Yes, you can get it too!

So, in the world where it seems you have to buy everything- there's always a way to get it for free and that's where I come in. I love getting products from companies and trying them out then reviewing them to see how they work and sharing with my friends and family! It's such a great experience and I normally always seem to find something that I love that I wouldn't have tried before.


Here's your chance to do it too! check out and become a member to see what you can get. Missions are emailed to you and then you complete a survey and then get another email telling you if you are going to get that product to complete the "mission". I just started myself, but am looking forward to getting some GREAT stuff! Check it out- signing up was easy and I got 5 smilies just for sharing about it on my Twitter account and Facebook. Share it in multiple other ways and earn even more to get yourself closer to getting a mission! Make sure to complete the surveys they send to your account so they know what you like (and don't like) so you can get the best missions!

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