Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photography 101

Thanks to a local Groupon deal, I scored a 5 hour basic photography class last evening and spent the entire evening having terms, camera parts and lenses drilled into my head in an attempt to better my pictures for my blog, for future scrapbooks and for my baking adventures. I'm not sure if I even comprehended half of what they were talking about but tried to take as many notes as possible since the two instructors were two of the best instructors and who have done some amazing work in so many places in the world but who have also created Vision Culture which has helped so many women in other countries get out of horrible situations like human trafficking. Anyway, it was a great experience!

Their advice for after the class was to practice, practice, practice so that's what I did today. I know they pictures aren't that great yet and this isn't really related to baking or cooking directly but I wanted to share what I took today along with the info for the couple that taught the class. Their organization called Vision Culture is amazing and a great way to use their photographic skills while sharing stories from around the world.

First my pictures.....

Make sure to check out the couple who taught the class- David and Ally McKay of McKay Photography and Vision's the links to their Facebook pages and

Vision Culture-
McKay Photography Academy-

McKay Photography Academy Website-
Vision Culture part of their website-

Check them out and if interested, check to see where their next classes will be at! They're amazing and passionate teachers!

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