Monday, April 1, 2013

Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

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Well, with spring upon us and summer following closely behind it we'll start to see more recipes for summer treats including ice cream show up on pinterest and other blogs I'm sure!

I'm getting a head start by making some homemade ice cream for a late family Easter this weekend. We share ice-cream maker custody with my cousin and her husband so we swap it back and forth as we each need to use it so I'll have "custody" of it this week to make some flavorful treats for my family. In my family, I have so many siblings that we each bring something which leaves my parents to provide very few things or just the main dish and the location for our gatherings. 

This time, instead of the normal Easter brunch or big feast, we chose to host a homemade pizza party and ice cream sundae party! I'm in charge of bringing whole wheat pizza crusts for whoever wants them, a gluten-free pizza crust for me and some ice cream or frozen yogurt and a topping so I'm starting to get my creative juices flowing to see what I can come up with. Of course we have a spring picnic on Sunday as well and I'm taking a cake to that so maybe I'll bring some homemade ice cream too since I've got the equipment already!

In thinking of all the flavors and combos that are out there, I've done some pinterest searching and have come up with some ideas for sure! I'm not sure yet if I'll go with a frozen yogurt type thing or a true ice cream- I'll probably done one of each so that there is a healthy alternative for those who want it and if I'm going to go for health with one of them, I might make a banana "ice cream" to go the whole way healthy with it. I've read numerous recipes where you can freeze bananas, blend them up until smooth then add all your mix-ins to make it AMAZING! Of course, if you've been following my blog at all, you'd know that I love to get creative with things, so with the true ice cream, I'll probably go for vanilla with swirls of something in it- chocolate, candies, chocolate chips, who knows what. Either way, I'm sure it'll all be amazing!

Oh, and I can't forget the toppings, so I'll probably take some of my homemade chocolate syrup, maybe make a mixed berry syrup and then maybe some sort of fancy candy chopped into pieces for those that want to go all out! I can't forget the whipped cream so I'll grab a container of that to make it a true sundae. Keep an eye on the blog to see what I come up with as the week goes. I'll probably be making one of the two batches of ice cream either tomorrow night or Wednesday and then another on Thursday or Friday so that I can have it nicely frozen and ready for our gathering on Saturday. I'll plan on the toppings to be prepped on Friday probably so they're nice and fresh and so I can get to the store then so I'm sure it'll be so interesting and a fun adventure! 

I'm always on the look out for ideas- what flavors are your favorites? Do you prefer the basic chocolate and vanillas or are you one for the chunky ice creams? I love the chunky mix-in type ice creams- especially with chocolate chunks, cookie dough, candies, all the large chunky things in it. What's your favorite?

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