Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Changes, New, New, New

Well, ok...the holidays took their toll on me and alot has happened since my last post. I think I skipped through most of November and December and never even had a chance to glance around. For those that don't know, I was laid off from Bridgewater due to budget cuts with 2 days notice and 2 weeks before Christmas. It's been a rough few weeks since then and I've made quite a few changes in my life.

When it comes to my health, I'm currently trying to lose the last 15 pounds so I'm on my own weight loss journey which I'm calling "My Biggest Loser Journey". So far, I've lost about a pound in two weeks which doesn't seem like much to anyone else but is a HUGE deal for me with all of my medical stuf which prevents it! I'm just trying to stay motivated now, but a few changes that I've made have helped. I started out the year by planning a menu for the whole month of January at a time. If you ever get a chance to do that, it saves time and money! Now its easier than ever to figure out what coupons I need as I go and I can save even more (As a side note, if you want to learn about couponing, I am setting up online classes soon, so let me know if you are interested in learning about it. There will be prizes of course and lots of things to learn to save even the pickiest person a ton of money!)

Ok, so all of that being said, I've been looking to see where my career path is leading and I think its starting to lead into a cake decorating career. I'm taking courses at Michaels to learn how to decorate and will be starting my second one at the beginning of February. I'll follow up with the last 2 in March and hopefully in April so I'll be totally skilled by the end. Of course, I'm taking orders now and even have a few lined up so you'll see pictures of those until then. Here's a little of what I learned in the first class.

A collection of what I made in class as well as what I did when I got home to help practice. These are simple stars, but can be made into so many different things that they are easy to do and make into whatever you want. The letters are for each of the guys that Ryan works with, but he said that they didn't really care and at whatever they wanted so oh, well I guess I have practice in writing those letters now right?

Turning a cookie into a baby carriage with a cookie, star tip with icing and gum drops for the wheels and handle. Perfect for a baby shower in which the gender of the baby is unknown. The kind of cookie and flavor of icing could be the mother-to-be's favorite and the icing could match the colors of the shower. The mother and father's initials or last name could be put on the carriage as well or more decorations could be used.

Another baby carriage- perfect for a baby girl with its purple wheels and handle. The baby's name could be put on the carriage as well.

Another baby carriage- perfect for a baby boy and his name would be put on the carriage as well. Or you could put other decorations on to match the shower or nursery too! Isn't it soo cute?

A few more of my creative designs using chocolate chip cookies and star icing designs. Everything from spirals, snow flakes, or even flowers can be done on a cookie. Anything your heart desires...or mine!
The rest of the cookies- ready to go to Ryan's work to be eaten!

My favorite is the spiral or the two that are covered totally since I think they look like giant snow balls and of course are covered with sugar!              

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