Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New name, New trade

Ok, so I'm definitely a woman....I can change my mind right? I have been looking at the title at the top of my page for my blog and didn't really ever like it, but that is one area where I never felt creative enough. So....I'm unveiling a new name today- I've decided to focus more on my baking since I seem to be making that into my life and career right now so Katie's Tasty Treats is my new adventure.

Here's a dinner that I've made recently and of course I'll be sharing the pictures from the upcoming cakes that I'll be making over the next few weeks. I'm also making all of the desserts for two church dinners in February so I'll be a very busy girl. Hopefully by the end of March, I'll even have the option to become a Wilton instructor since I will have taken all of the cake classes by then and will be qualified. I'll still put up some dinners every now and then, but want to focus more on the cakes and baking because I feel like that is where I'm being led to go with my career right now.

I started out dinner by wanting to make a chicken and broccoli alfredo type thing, but that didn't turn out when I found I had no chicken in the freezer and didn't end up having the fettucine noodles I needed so instead I used soy crumbles for the meat, steamed broccoli with noodles and then mixed in some milk, a can of practically fat free cream of chicken soup and some reduced fat cheese. Needless to say, it was an amazing dinner even though it was on the fly. I loved it and Ryan seemed to enjoy it as well!  

Well, it's time for me to move on for the night, but keep looking for more pictures- especially over the next few days and next week as I have 2-3 cakes due by Tuesday. Blessings to all!

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