Friday, September 30, 2011

New Food and New Fun

On Monday night, I made baked beans in the crockpot so this was my alternate to having to eat baked beans for the next 3 days- I made a form of a taco salad for lunch one day with fat free sour cream and reduced fat cheese on top of CSA organic fresh lettuce and tomatoes....this is definitely something I'll be making again. I was soo good! I wonder if other leftovers could be made into a salad form?

Tuesday I made a pepper and onion mixture, cooked it all up and put a piece of tilapia on top with fajita seasoning. We turned them into the fish tacos you see below. Sooo amazing and oh so healthy too! This is a keeper recipe!

I had a ton of veggies that I didn't want to go bad and I had gotten some roasted veggies from Wegmans last week so I was so happy to be able to make this! I'm sure mine were much healthier than theirs too since they look different than theirs and I know what goes into mine! Today I turned this into a roasted veggie pizza....amazing and quick lunch and of course I got tons of veggies into me! I'll be doing that again next week! 

That's it for now folks, I'm off to my in-laws for a quick overnight trip and some home shopping...yay for Signature Homestyles so we're on own for dinner at a local restaurant. Can't wait!

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