Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Early Spring

My sister-in-law had a Signature Homestyles party and I said I would bring cupcakes to bring a little spring cheer to everyone's day. These are what I made. They are a decadent triple chocolate cake with a rich but not too sweet peanut butter frosting. They were definitely a hit at the party as favors that were taken home and all 24 were gone by the time I left and people were even saying they were too pretty to eat- I'm definitely way past that in my cake decorating. Some new cake decorators say its hard for them to eat their creations- I'm ok with it because I know how amazing they taste! I hope you enjoy and come away feeling like spring is on its way!

Two lilies- each a little different but both made out of royal icing.

My collection of pink flowers

So far, these are all of the flowers that I know how to make. I'll be learning more as I finish up the second class and start the third next week, but I think they look beautiful!
I love seeing all of these lilies together- they look beautiful individually or all together!

Another trio of flowers.

This is another flower that I love to make because it starts out as some of the others, but with a small touch of the fingers it turns into this beautiful flower.

All of the flowers together!

Another look at the lilies- a wonderfully simple flower that I love to make and just seems to scream "SPRING" only if we can stop with the cold temperatures and snow and start to work on more of the warmer temperatures!
I hope you've enjoyed a look at my Spring Collection of flower-y cupcakes. This was my way of bringing some warm temperatures into my life while we wait for spring to arrive this year. I'm definitely done with the winter temperatures and can't wait to get outside for a good jog while watching the flowers bloom and the birds flutter after the winter break. We'll get there, but it's never fast enough for me so I guess I'll be making plenty of flowers until then!

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