Sunday, October 23, 2011

Icing Smiles, Inc + Cookie Club =

So I know in my last post I explained that I'm part of a non profit organization that offers cakes to children in need at local medical facilities. You can go to to find out more about it- it's definitely a worthwhile organization. As part of that, there is a Cookie Club in which each month we will get a theme for the cookies in which we need to create and mail cookies to children and families who need a little surprise! For November, it's all about smiling faces and pumpkins so of course I did a test run of some pumpkin cookies that I decorated and sent to Ryan's work. I'm sure all 60+ will be gone by early this week if not mid-week. I have high expectations from them so if I don't get empty containers back.....well, it always happens! Here's a few examples!

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