Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Has Come To My House!


Ok, So it's been awhile since I was on here, but I've had good reason! I've been busy in the kitchen preparing for all of the Christmas hub-bub of the holidays that will be here in 5 days! Yes, I'm 5 days away from Christmas and all of my baking is pretty much done!

Ok, I'll admit it- this year, I've used a few mixes to help out the cause because I wanted such a variety of cookies but had a limited budget. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to supplement my normal baking with some extra. The cookies that are special to me and the people I bake for I made from scratch though- snowball cookies for my mother-in-law, peanut butter blossoms for the hubby, and I tried a few different kinds like the cool whip cookies or jello cookies that just looked neat! Overall, I think they turned out really well- keep an eye out for those later! Boy do I love pinterest!

Along with all of this, I've been doing a few cakes but it's backed off a little for the holidays and I'm glad for it! Of course for 2013, it's starting back up again with 2 in less than the first week of the New Year- Happy Birthday Rick Eisenhour and Happy Scrapbooking to all of my buddies with a Scrappy cake. Who's Scrappy? That's for the scrappers at the winter retreat to know and you to find out! You'll have to wait....maybe we'll reveal it later!

Well, with all of that there- here's a little preview of what I'm taking to one of our Christmas gatherings for the year.....I'm pretty excited about this one! Wilton makes a cookie tree kit that is either offers premade gingerbread pieces (sorry Wilton, ewww!) or the cookie cutters but I haven't been able to find the cookie cutters set. So, I made my own! Using Wilton's 4 piece snowflake cookie cutter set, I cut each size snowflake out of sugar cookie dough 3 times and baked then stacked and decorated! I think it's so cute surrounded by cookies, decorated with candy and of course more cookies. I should have sold these to friends/family this year, but of course didn't think of it so it will go on the list of things I can sell for next year! Maybe I'll work on some Christmas cakes next week if I have a few days off from work.....I have so many ideas and no time!

Well, on that pretty note and until next time- Have a wonderful holiday!

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