Monday, July 30, 2012

Surprise! I'm back!

Wow! I just figured out the last time I posted was over 2 months ago- almost 3! Anyway, alot has been going on and I'm here to let you know that I didn't disappear off the face of the earth- I've just been so busy! Since I last posted, I've had 2 weddings within a week of eachother and one was out of the country. I've made so many cakes which I'll of course post here, but that'll be next week. We also decided to move into a house about 30 minutes away from each of our family's houses so we're slowly settling in.(Sigh of relief that the moving is over...for now!)

I've had quite a few cake orders including my first wedding cake for my sister's wedding reception here at home since she got married in Jamaica. They loved it, so I can't wait to show it to you! It was alot of hard work, but I wanted it to be spectacular and I think I did that- according to her and my new brother-in-law at least! I've also got cake and cupcake orders every weekend from now until the end of August and then it kind of stops. I'm okay with that, because I really feel like I want to work on my skills more and with so many orders, I'm still learning but I want to try out my techniques, so it'll be nice to get down to practicing again to see how much I can add to my portfolio.

This weekend I have a gender reveal party in which the inside of my cupcakes will reveal to the parents, and their families and friends, what gender of baby they're having! It'll be so exciting- I think I'll probably make a small 6" cake as well with the filling inside as the color too so they can cut into it and show it off to everyone- that and I get to decorate another cake! Next weekend, I have a Dove chocolate party at a family member's house, so I offered to make cupcakes- of course with Dove chocolates as the star! I may make whoopie pies or something too since we'll be camping that weekend with my cousin and her husband- just as a little special gift to them! After that, it's a first birthday party for another family member in which I'm making a butterfly-cupcake cake...I can't wait! I might decide to make stain-glass type butterfly cookies too as a gift for the parents after the party! After all of that, it's a surprise so come back at the end of August to see what the surprise was all about!

In amongst all of this, I've started a new health and weight loss program called Take Shape For Life and I've lost 10 pounds in between eating all the cakes above! I've got a little more to go, but if I can come this far, I can continue to lose the rest. I'm going to be a consultant for the program and will be starting to work at BWA again and for my brother-in-law, so I guess the lack of cake orders will be a good thing for a little while. Of course, the holidays arrive in only a few short months, so that will keep me busy as well!

I guess a tour of our new house is in order as well- that'll be next time! Thanks for checking in again and keep coming back- I can't wait to give all the pictures to you, but our internet is a little goofy yet from moving, so I can never guarantee if it will work enough for me to use it- hopefully it'll get fixed tomorrow! My goal is by next week to have a new post up with all sorts of pictures and all about my new organizing ideas for the new house. They'll all be posted on here as well, so keep coming back- I've probably got enough stuff to keep posting for the next 3 months!

Anyway, thanks for checking back with me, and I'll definitely see you soon!

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